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Passenger side door skin replacement

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As the cargo door came to completion, I focused my attention on the passenger dogleg and passenger door panels. Like the driver’s side, the dogleg was replaced with a mediocre aftermarket piece. The problem with the aftermarket pieces is the … Continue reading

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Driver’s dogleg and wheel well…

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Again, starting at the top… the door was removed and stripped of it’s seals. Dent’s were pounded out and the rust was cut off, with a patch or two of 20g metal welded along the curvy bottom edge for good … Continue reading

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Left side… rust galore.

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The summer has been merciless, with temps reaching high 90’s and humidity to swim in. A secret on how to deal with the heat, I drink beer. Specifically Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey. Ya see, water is over-rated on hot summer … Continue reading

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Movin on…

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As the rear section was finished (June to mid-July), I began to tackle the left side. I planned to start from the rear and work forward. That left me at the left rear wheel well, rear side window, and “C” … Continue reading

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Where to begin…

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Projects like this require planning, organization, patience, and cash. Well, of the four we’ll see which lasts longest. I want to tackle this project in an organized fashion – starting with autobody. Wht autobody and not mechanics? Because weather limits … Continue reading

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A 16 year old’s wish.

June 2012. Not long after my oldest son’s 14th birthday, I began to ponder the probability if getting him a car when he was to turn 16.The choice of an appropriate gift for my son’s 16th birthday was one that … Continue reading

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