Negligence in updating..

It is now the 4th of July 2013. We bought the bus nearly 13 months ago, and it’s not done yet! Still lots to do. 20130129_161953Since the last posting I made a new camper tent to go with the new upholstery.

The existing original pop-top canvas was beyond repair. There are replacement tops available in the $320-$375 range which would be a perfect stock replacement, but Matt and I did something 20130129_161906different.


In keeping with the striped upholstery theme, Matt, and I thought a custom striped pop top would be kewl. So, since I bought the HD Singer sewing machine to make the upholstery, I figured I could make a canvas tent top too.

I bought some urethane coated (water resistant) duck canvas on ebay, which I felt would be a good material for the intended purpose.20130209_134850   I used the existing tent to make measurements and came up with this:





20130323_174147-1 (800x557)


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6 Responses to Negligence in updating..

  1. Becky says:

    Do you still have the measurements for this? I am considering making my own canvas for my 1973 bus.

    • Dad says:

      Well, the short answer is no, I seem to have lost the measurements. Sucks for me too, as I now bought a 72′ that will also need a new tent. If you take a look at this picture: and zoom in, you’ll see my measurements next to a panel I was fabricating. Add 2″ to each written edge measurement (you can always fold the excess under the frame). I took original measurements by opening the pop-top and measuring the exact dimensions and SUBTRACTING 1″ from the horizontal measurements to the canvas would be taut when fully opened. Good Luck – it’s really easier than I’m making it sound.

  2. Robin says:

    That looks amazing! I’m starting this project myself soon. Any ballpark idea of how much yardage you bought?

  3. Miriam says:

    What type of thread did you have to use and any specific needle that needed? I only have a regular home sewing machine. Where did you find the a long zipper?

    • Dad says:

      Hi Miriam, Sorry for the late response! I used Nylon thread 40S – TEX 70. I used a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing machine ( It was $100 on a Amazon deal. I did not use a zipper, instead I used 1/2″ velcro sewed into the edges. It is waterproof, non-scratching, and holds up well. Good luck on your project.

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