First roadtrip and VW camping event…

Update for Spring/Summer 2014…

Two years later, back at Arby's!

Two years later, back at Arby’s!

We finally got Fillmore up and running. It’s been a lot of work, and money to get it drivable. I’m inevitably asked, “Was it worth it”? I can say without a doubt it was!


After breaking in the engine, we took it on an overnight 300 mile camping trip to Milmont, PA to join Granny Grose X bus-in event. We drove up some Mid-PA mountains and took in some amazing views. Fillmore ran great along the highways and managed 65 mph without straining above 3500 rpm. Everything came together on that ride, and the weather was perfect. We especially loved all of the smiles and “thumbs up” as we drove along.



Two months later and I still get a kick out of the attention Fillmore draws. Was it more expensive to do than I planned? Hell yeah. Did it take more time than I thought? Friggin A. Did it come out to my expectations? I think so. This project is never really done though. As my son finds his way with this vehicle, it still needs improvements. Perhaps never-ending improvements. As he takes over the ownership role, I’ll continue to help him with this project. After all it has in a way, become part of the family.

DSC_000420140714_110122So when asked if I’d do it again, I think to myself… “Probably”. A project like this can really be overwhelming sometimes. Especially in the beginning. Having help and a supporting family is a big benefit. Also, planning and know-how will get you through.

The last two years have been rewarding as I worked on Fillmore. Countless nicks, bruises, and welding burns have left their mark on me. Countless parts orders, junk yard runs, and Amazon Prime orders have left their mark on my wallet. But in the end, my son and I were given an opportunity to make a lasting memory, and really that’s what it is all about.image

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2 Responses to First roadtrip and VW camping event…

  1. Dan says:

    What a difference – before and after….Looks great !

  2. Bennett LIss says:

    HI I enjoyed the read. Just bought a 71 VW Bus for my son and myself I guess, so your story was enlightening and entertaining! Thanks for the work helping out another dad!



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