How to repair broken car emblem studs…

It’s inevitable that at some point while removing your delicate emblem from your classic car, a mounting stud (or six), break off. Many will resort to using JB Weld or other epoxy to re-affix their studs. Unfortunately this type of repair is prone to fail. Others simply grind off the nubby stud remains and then use double sided tape to secure their emblems…

Well, there is another way – a better way. It’s inexpensive, easy,  and is permanent. The following repair is perfect for emblems made from aluminum, zinc, and/or pot metal. I’ll be repairing my Volkswagen emblem that is made from aluminum.

Here’s a list of needed supplies:20151024_094145


The Alumaloy (abt $10) is an inexpensive soldering rod that works well with aluminum and pot metals. What’s nice is it melts to flow at 730º F, far below the melting point of aluminum. It also offers a 45,000 PSI tensile strength which is fine for our emblem’s needs.

Step one:

File flat any old broken stud bases.

Broken stud on VW emblem

Broken stud on VW emblem

Step Two:

After filing smooth any proud stud bases, use the 7/64″ drill to form a hole about 1mm deep.


Step Three:

Using the stainless steel brush, thoroughly clean the drilled area.


Step Four:

Take the torch and heat up the emblem in the drilled out area. Heat slowly and evenly.

Heat evenly the area around the hole. Keep the torch moving back and forth.

Heat evenly the area around the hole. Keep the torch moving back and forth.

Step Five:

Apply the Alumaloy with a light brush motion. As it melts apply just enough to fill the drilled hole. Also, take the rivet end and after wire-brushing the end of the rivet, apply the Alumaloy to “tin” it.

20151024_095153-1Step Six:

Press the tinned portion of the rivet on the emblem as you apply heat. When the Alumaloy melts the rivet end should sink into the emblem’s drilled defect. Let cool slowly, don’t’ quench.


20151024_101521Step Seven:

Snip the rivet to desired length leaving your new stud. Use the file or a Dremel tool to grind away excess Alumaloy at the rivet base.


Step Eight:

Align the studs to the vehicles mating surface and ensure it sits flush.










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  1. Ed Clark says:

    Thanks, found this on TheSamba too. Ordered my supplies and cannot wait to give it a go.

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