Left side… rust galore.

The summer has been merciless, with temps reaching high 90’s and humidity to swim in. A secret on how to deal with the heat, I drink beer. Specifically Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey. Ya see, water is over-rated on hot summer days – and Golden Monkeys make me tingly all over. In fact, three of these on on empty stomach, and I’d be numb to 2nd degree sunburns.

The left side of the bus turned into a real can-o-worms.
The jalouse window area was a blessing as it only required paint prep.

Moving lower however, offered new challenges.

Once cutting out the bottom side (about 12″ high – to keep as much original metal as possible) the rockers were exposed. Actually the inner rocker was exposed, as the middle was all but rotted out. The base of the “B” pillar also required attention.

3″ thick bondo was cut out with the 10″ of side wall rot.

After welding in inner and outer rocker panels… A special panel piece was fitted. This piece has the lower rocker panel crease embossed. It came from BUSDEPOT.com as they sourced the item from JustKampers in the U.k.

The Front driver’s wheel well needed to be accessed to repair the “b” pillar. The pillar was needed to be repaired prior to the installation of the rockers and welding in new side metal. This area was an example of how some areas cannot be repaired with out repairing adjacent areas first.

After completing the “B” pillar repair, the side was secured with a stitch weld along the top, and spot welding at the bottom flange.

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