Driver’s dogleg and wheel well…

Again, starting at the top… the door was removed and stripped of it’s seals. Dent’s were pounded out and the rust was cut off, with a patch or two of 20g metal welded along the curvy bottom edge for good measure. Over all the door was not too bad. I removed the window register and soaked it in cleaner, then bathed it in white lithium grease.

The window vent was removed to reveal the vent frame pivot post was rusted through. I needed to fabricate a 8mm post which I then welded to a small tee piece. this then inserted in to the base of the vent frame and riveted in. I was pleased with the result.

After ordering the seals (also from BusDepot) I prepped and painted the door.

The bottom of the B pillar was rusted and needed new metal to be fabricated:

A common rust rust problem seems to occur at the seatbelt mounting point. Ours was completely gone, so another $45 was given to BusDepot for a seatbelt repair section.

Seatbelt mount welded onto 16g steel

After my son ground down the beaded welds, we primed and painted:

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6 Responses to Driver’s dogleg and wheel well…

  1. Bill says:

    Looks great. I love the colors.

  2. Kary says:

    Great job! It really looks different from that day we picked it up!!

  3. Wendy says:

    Johnny, impressive….not only the VW, but the blogging, too….fantastic!

  4. Gary says:

    hi, looking good, I want this same colour sceme for my T2, can you tell me the names and or codes for both the metalic blue and the white? I will follow your progress. Thanks and good luck.


    • Dad says:

      I used a single stage urethane from ebay seller paintforcars. Their website is the same place (in NJ). My colors are Arctic White up top and Blue Metallic #17 for the panels. I might use a clear coat urethane to top it, but I sorta like the “patina” look so I’m on the fence. Hope this helps!

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