Nurse Node

This is my SPO project to bring awareness and support to our front line healthcare workers; nurses. As a nurse with a career expanding over 2o years, I have witnessed first-hand the hardships and challenges of providing quality care in the face of adverse conditions. As we enter into yet another wave of this global pandemic, nurses are once again thrust into positions where they oftentimes must compromise their own personal health standards to facilitate the needs of others. These compromises have led to issues of nurse staffing shortfalls, personal sufferings (including infecting family and loved ones) and PTSD.

As a nurse with a sideline hobby of informatics, I began to develop an interest in Cardano as, like nursing, it offers a holistic and altruistic approach to offering opportunities to the disparaged. I have been running several relays for a few months this year, and decided to start my own SPO. Hence Nurse Node is here.

Now, as a meager healthcare worker, I have little personal funds to offer much to the Cardano community, however, I can donate my time and efforts to this little space to help grow the Cardano ecosystem.

My intent is to use portions of any proceeds generated from this endeavor to help the profession of nursing to continue to support the healthcare needs of our respective global communities. I will be donating 50% of proceeds to dedicated nursing charitable organizations.

Please take a moment to consider delegating to pool NURSE, if you’d like to help this SPO. It is greatly appreciated!

Be safe and god speed.